Partial vs. total knee replacement – which one should you choose?

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Partial vs. total knee replacement – which one should you choose?

Many people these days have knee problems which can only be solved through surgery. These problems are the result of various injuries, diseases or simply overuse which can cause loss of flexibility and many other problems. Depending on the severity of the condition, surgeons can recommend either a total or a partial knee replacement surgery. Both of these procedures have their pros and cons, so they should both be taken into consideration.


The pros and cons of partial knee replacement

On the one hand, the main advantage of this surgery is the fact that it is less invasive, which means that you will heal considerably faster. This procedure involves only the replacement of the part of the joint that is damaged and patients need to meet certain criteria to be able to qualify for this surgery. On the other hand, one of the biggest disadvantages of this surgery is that it has very high chances of relapsing, meaning that you might need to have surgery again in a few years. Knee problems are known worsen in time, so you might need a total knee replacement in the future anyway. This is why very few people are selected for partial knee replacement, as the surgeon could determine that it is better to complete the full replacement surgery and not have to worry about it in the future.


The pros and cons of total knee replacement


The main advantage offered by total knee replacements is that in many cases patients improve their knee flexibility considerably and the chances of relapse are considerably lower. In addition, their pain levels will also be considerably tolerable and in many cases, pain can disappear altogether. Of course, an artificial knee will never be the same like your natural one but still, you will have a much better lifestyle than before. Another disadvantage of this surgery is that the recovery time is larger than it would be with a partial replacement, but when you put into balance the fact that you will not need another surgery in a few years, it is worth taking that time to avoid other complications in the long run.


Which one is best?

Even though the partial knee replacement might be an easier surgery, the fact is that a total knee reconstruction will be much better for the future. You will not have to undergo another surgery in 10 years and you will regain most of your flexibility. Remember to choose an experienced surgeon, as this can be a tricky procedure and when it is done properly, your recovery will go much better. Make sure you follow the instructions offered by your surgeon and do not do anything that can influence the result of your surgery or delay your recovery process. All surgeons offer advice on what to do after the surgery in order to speed your recovery and have a positive outcome and when you are careful enough to follow all those instructions, the results will not disappoint you.