Private jets are the safest way of travelling  

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Private jets are the safest way of travelling  

The question that immediately pops up into some travellers’ minds is whether private planes are safer than commercial airline services. Private charters are more convenient in terms of flight comfort and efficiency resulting from the fact that they are able to reach destinations a lot quicker, but does the speed make them less safe. In short, no! All private aircraft such as a Kingair charter flight undertake rigorous safety inspections.

Pilot training

Pilots that work for private companies are no different from those working for public airlines. The demands include a minimum number of flight hours and as general rule they have to spend at least sixty hours at flight school in order to obtain the license. Having the minimum of air time training is a must so that a pilot can be trusted with the maneuvering of a jet. Pilots get their ratings from the FAA instrument that requires additional fifty hours of command time and another forty in the flight stimulator and this is only for private airlines.

Pilots wishing to work in commercial charters only need the commercial pilot’s license. In addition to this, pilots who desire to develop careers in aviation are forbidden to present police records and most of them actually have a university degrees. However, permission to fly is given only after passing a complex psychological exam. It is pretty clear even for the outsider that the strict regulation from within do not allow just anyone to pilot a plane.

Safety measures

At present, the cockpit is not just aesthetic. The planes provided by the private charts are equipped with electronic controls so that the pilot has full control of what is happening on his plane by being able to monitor everything. The safe flight is also assured by tools such as positioning satellites and high-performance displays that warn the pilot of potential hazards. The new technology in avionics has made it possible for pilots to increase their situational awareness.

Accident rate

Statistics also prove that private jets are safer than commercial planes. This is quite surprising given the fact that large corporations, small businesses and individuals rely heavily on this type of flight services due to the fact that private jets can reach virtually any destination and that the passenger has the possibility of making more than one stops on the way. Moreover, consumers are able to order a free aircraft charter consumer guide in order to choose the charter company with the best safety record. However, it should be kept in mind that the level of safety depends on the type and age of the plane and mostly on the experience of the pilots.