Puncturing five common myths related to acupuncture

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Puncturing five common myths related to acupuncture

Acupuncture is known as a form of alternative medicine, which has its roots in the ancient Chinese medicine. It is based on inserting thin needles into the body in specific places known as acupuncture points. Over time, many myths about acupuncture have appeared. In case you are interested in finding professional physiotherapy experts in Ottawa that also perform acupuncture, all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet. Below are five common myths about acupuncture debunked.

  • Acupuncture is painful

Many people fear undergoing acupuncture sessions because of their misconception related to the fact that this technique is painful. Truth is it is not. You might feel a tiny prick the moment the acupuncturist inserts the needle, but there are persons who admit they have not felt anything painful during this treatment. Needles are as thin as hairs and there is no scar left after the treatment.

  • Needles can transfer diseases

Professional clinics only use disposable needles and they open a pack of needles in front of their clients the moment the treatment session starts. This way, no disease is transmitted and the individual remains as healthy as he was the moment he entered the clinic. The only thing you need to do is go only to professional health clinics.

  • Only Asians can perform it

This is another misconception people have managed to spread. The fact that only Asians can learn and perform acupuncture is not true. Anyone who is interested in learning this form of alternative medicine can go to colleges or universities where they can learn everything about this technique. Your racial background has nothing to do with performing acupuncture.

  • Acupuncture only treats pain

The overwhelming majority of people believe that acupuncture is only used to treat pain. Truth is this technique does treat pain and many experts agree that it can work wonders in case you suffer from nearly any kind of pain, but this is not the only ailment for which it can provide a better state of being and relief. Acupuncture is also used in treating digestive problems, stress, asthma, allergies, insomnia and many other problems human body can experience.

  • Do not donate blood after having acupuncture

This myth comes from the lack of experience and education. People do not know too much about this technique and for this reason, they say things that are not true. The needles used are disposable, so they do not carry diseases and do not affect your blood system.