Questions to ask a tax rebate consultant before hiring

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Questions to ask a tax rebate consultant before hiring

After purchasing your first property, the government allows you to receive a tax return of up to 30,000 dollars. If you have become a homeowner in the last 2 years, then you should inform yourself how you can receive the rebate you are entitle to. If you wish to apply for tax rebate, there are several aspects that need to be thought through. To avoid not managing the application process correctly, you should consider hiring a tax rebate specialist. However, before proceeding to hire one expert or another, ask these few questions, to establish if the consultant is reliable and experienced enough:


For how long have you been working in this domain?

The question you should start with should revolve around their experience. A specialist that has been working with tax rebates for at least 2 years is more likely to handle the process with more professionalism than a consultant who has just started out in this domain. A more experienced expert will handle every detail of the process with accuracy and promptitude, and these are the aspects you should be interested in. Ask for how long has the company been on the market, and make your decision based on their answer.

Do you keep up with the government regulation changes?

When it comes to rebates, the government requirements are constantly going through various changes. Because any mistake found in your application form can prevent you from obtaining the tax refund, you need to be certain that the consultant you are working with keeps up with the latest government regulation changes. This aspect can make all the difference, so pay attention.

How many clients have you had?

Find out how many people has the specialist helped to obtain a rebate. An experienced consultant that works for a reputable company should have processed hundreds if not thousands of rebate application, similar to yours. Asking this question will be very useful when making a selection.

Can you offer some references?

If you are still uncertain if the company you are on the point of hiring is truly reliable or not, then do not be afraid to ask for some reference. If you have researched the rebate specialist’s reputation online, and you have not managed to find sufficient information, then proceed in requesting a few references from past clients. This detail can help you make your final choice, and establish if you are dealing with the right professionals.

Because filing in a rebate application and dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can be a time-consuming, not to mention stressful process, it is best advised to leave this task up to a professional. Although there are various tax rebate consultants offering these services, make sure you hire the best one for the job, in order to avoid a possible inconvenience that may lead to the loss of the tax return. Before hiring, make sure to ask each one of these few questions, and you will most certainly make a safe choice.