Questions to ask a used car dealer

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Questions to ask a used car dealer


If you bought a car in the past, then you know that when you arrived home you realized that you should have asked the dealer some questions, and now you have to figure out for yourself. Well, you should not feel bad, because the majority of people ignore to ask the dealer important questions, because they focus only on the exterior aspect of the car, and on the details they consider important. You should know that getting a good deal for a 2017 Subaru Impreza is more than buying it at a good price, you have to make sure that you purchase a functional and reliable vehicle. The dealer should not intimidate you when you want to buy a new car. Your main purpose should be to do your homework before looking for a vehicle, understand your needs, and consult a list with essential questions to ask.

Can you show me the pre-certification inspection?

You should buy a certified car, and it is important to ask the dealer show you the papers, because every certified car goes through an inspection before being certified. You have to know from the beginning what it was fixed, because in this way you know what to expect from.

Who was the former owner of the vehicle?

You should ask the dealer to offer you the maintenance records. They can black the address and name of the former owner, because you are interested in the way the vehicle was cared. Also, check if the mechanic who checked it is specialized in that type of cars, and if it is known to be professional and experienced.

How long will the test drive last?

You should take advantage of the cold used car market. You should ask the dealer if they agree with an extended test drive. You should put in writing that you will not put more than 100 miles on the odometer, bring it with a full tank and that you have an insurance.

What is the listing price for the car?

The price of the car is one of the factors that will influence the purchase, so you should make sure that the dealer does not overprice a vehicle, because you are impressed about its features. You should make them a cash offer, because in this way you have the possibility to cut 5% of the initial price. Cash is king, and the majority of dealers take these offers.