Recycle and reuse metal indefinitely

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Recycle and reuse metal indefinitely

The practice of recycling metals dates back thousands of years, because everyone knows their value. Nowadays recycled metal provides 45% of the material used in the world’s steel production. To this percentage are added 40% of the world’s copper and one third of the aluminium. Because people started to understand the importance of recycling, its rates are rapidly increasing. They should know that there are many benefits of scrap metal recycling Toronto, and the greatest one is that metal can be reused indefinitely.

Benefits for the environment

People had slowly started to understand that they have to protect the environment, because only in this way it will provide a healthy space for the future generations to live in. When they choose to recycle rather than to produce new metal, they choose to protect the world. If the process of making products from recycled metal is compared with the one of producing new metal from mined ore, then the results will show that the first one releases less amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions could cause harmful levels of air pollution in urban spaces and influence the climate change. The result of these side effects is that people will have to deal with respiratory health problems. By recycling metal people, not only that avoid potential health problems, but also help at saving more water, which is needed in the process of extracting metal from virgin ore. In addition, the environment benefits from the fact the landfill spaced is freed up from the junk, and practice, which encourages people to use the land in a more productive way.

Save energy

It is important for people to realise that they have to save energy, because a limited amount is available on the planet. The first step they can do is to recycle metal, because the complex process of drilling ore, refining the material and the other actions involved in the manufacturing process use a high degree of energy. According to the material type, the levels of energy conservation might vary, for example if they recycle steel they save 60 percent. However, when recycling aluminium the percent of energy saving is of 95%, than processing virgin material.

Ore conservation

The planet offers people a limited amount of metal ore, and they have to use it wisely if they do not want to waste it all. In this case, they should focus on recycling the metal that was already extracted, and save the one that is left, for the future generations. Also, in this situation manufacturers benefit from the fact that they do not have to pay for mining new metal. There are studies that show that a pound of aluminium helps at saving 4 lbs. of bauxite ore, and if they recycle a pound of steel, they conserve 1.25 lbs. of ore. The amazing thing about recycling is that it allows people to use the same material repeatedly, and it reduces the costs of mining for new one.