Save money when buying sneakers – the ultimate guide

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Save money when buying sneakers – the ultimate guide

One never has too many pairs of shoes, this is generally agreed, whether it is about office shoes or sneakers. There is always something new you would want to add to your collection, which means that you would need to spend a great deal of money on them. However, if you read this guide to save money, you can learn some useful tricks to buy sneakers on a budget. Here is what you need to do.

Look for the sales

Probably the best method to buy your favourite sneakers on a budget is to shop the sales. You get the best deal for high quality sneakers and in some cases, the discount can go up to 70%. Many people do not pay great attention when the sales period approaches, but if you really want that pair of sneakers, keeping an eye on the sales is the right thing to do. The secret though is to go to the store within the first two or three days in order to make sure you find sneakers to fit your size.

Take advantage of the coupons you receive

Nowadays, shoe stores are looking for numerous ways to attract as many customers as possible and one of the most used advertising methods is offering their customers coupons via email or directly at the store. If you need a new pair of sneakers right away and receive a 20 or 30% off coupon, you should definitely consider taking advantage of it.

Go to the manufacturer’s outlet

If you have a favourite shoe brand, you should do some detailed research on the internet and look for the closest outlet in your region, since this is another great method you can resort to if you want new shoes at reasonable prices. It is worth mentioning that outlets do not resort to the services of a middleman, which means that you would have to pay far less money on shoes from top names compared to the price they have in retail traditional stores.

Pay attention to discontinued models

It is commonly known that not all shoe models are supposed to be kept on the shelf forever, since fashion is always changing. Discontinued models are another perfect way to spend less money when buying high quality sneakers, since their prices are significantly lower than other models present in the store. This happens especially to old models of sneakers when there are some new ones coming in to a store, so make sure you keep an eye on your favourite sneakers store and get informed as soon as there is a drop price.

Take care of the ones you already have

It is highly important to know how to make shoes last longer, since this is the no. 1 method to save money. Wash them carefully and make sure you do not wear the same pair several days in a row in order to maintain their good condition for a longer period and avoid spending money on similar pairs of sneakers every month or two.