Shopping in Ottawa

I had never been to Ottawa until a couple of months ago when I was sent there on business. In fact, I had never been to Canada before and I thought that starting with the capital city was a good thing. And it really was. I was most impressed with Ottawa, even though I only had a one week at my disposal and most of my time was tied up in business meetings and work. Anyway, my free time was greatly facilitated by the fact that the partner company I went to see and negotiate with arranged a limo service for me, from, not just for pick up and drop off at the airport, but for me to use during my entire stay, which I have to say came as a surprise, but also very in handy. For the first two days I asked the driver to take me to the most popular attractions and interest points, which he did and his recommendations were great, but as my time there was coming to an end, I also wanted to do some shopping.


I never thought I would find so many wonderful stores in Ottawa, and I don’t mean here the large malls that it has, as every big city does, but the exclusive Ottawa shops and boutiques that you can find at every street corner. They are a delight and the things one can find, they are absolutely adorable. I went through the souvenir stores like a junky on meds, buying things left and right, even for people I previously had no intention of bringing something back for, but the items were really enchanting. I hadn’t experience such a shopping frenzy ever since I first went to London. The Rideau Centre was too much for me, this huge mall with 150 stores that simply blew your mind, but the ByWard Market was a delight. I also enjoyed Sparks Street very much, filled with boutiques and craft shops. The driver from was very patient with me and he knew all the best stores and the hidden gems of shopping in Ottawa. I was very lucky and the overall impression that remained in my mind was that Ottawa is some kind of shopping magical land.


That was the only time I’ve been to Ottawa, but now I am seriously considering going back, not for work, but as in a little vacation, just for me. I would very much like to go back and have enough time to visit all the points of interest, as meanwhile I’ve read some very exciting and interesting facts about the capital city, but also to tour the stores and shops again. I guess Ottawa is the kind of city that has a little something for everyone, whether you are more interested in visiting historical building or you want to find beautiful crafts or unique souvenirs.