Since it was launched the Honda Pilot was a successful car, and people from all over the world have purchased it. You might have been charmed by its look, but you are not sure if you should invest your money in this car, or you should choose another model, or even other manufacturer. In case you have considered purchasing a minivan for your family, then you should know that Edmunds claims that the Honda Pilot is a great car to substitute a minivan. What is more, this car comes with many luxurious features, so you will benefit from the comfort of a minivan and enjoy the features of an expensive model. This SUV comes with many enhancements, and if you want to purchase the 2016 model, then here are some reasons, why it is a great investment.


Honda Pilot has a capable engine

The most important feature this model of car has is the V-6 engine, which is the top source of the vehicle. It develops 262 pound-feet of torque and 280 horsepower. With this car, you will have no issues passing the other vehicles on the road. You can be sure that you will get in time and the engine will not be over used. The biggest benefit is that the engine has a long life expectancy, and this makes the car a great investment.

It helps you save money in fuel

When comparing the Honda Pilot model with the other eight-passenger cars from the market, you will notice that this one comes with a fuel economy on highway of 27mpg. You will be able to take road trips without having to pay a fortune on fuel. Honda has upgraded the engine to run with only using the regular unleaded gas.

Honda comes with a versatile AWD System

If you want to use this car on mountain paths, during winter, then you will have no issues because now it features an AWD system, which helps it overcome snowy roads. You have the possibility to adjust the system according to the driving environment you prefer. This system is great when you think that it can increase the capacity of your car to 5000 pounds. And if you are going to take rain-soaked trails, then you will have no difficulties in keeping your safety, because you can opt for the Mud setting. Honda Pilot is a great car for both families and independent drivers.