Sign up your family for Ottawa first aid courses

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Sign up your family for Ottawa first aid courses

Many people think that first aid and CPR courses are designed only for people working within the medical field or for caretakers, but these courses are actually extremely helpful for virtually anyone. Apart from the business field, where some companies or operations are in fact compelled to have a trained first aider on site, being able to provide help in emergency situations, even if it’s the most basic form of help, can make a huge difference for your family as well. To that extent, it’s actually a great idea to sign up your family to Ottawa first aid courses and learn together how to respond to emergencies and how to deal with different situations.


Where to find these courses


If you think it’s too complicated to find authorised providers of first aid and CPR classes or that you’ll have to drag all your family along to clinics, think again! There are many certified institutions in Ottawa that offer such courses and would actually be happy to sign up an entire family. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, there isn’t anything special in having family courses, they are basically the standard classes anyone takes, but they might just be able to fit you all into the same time slot every time and not take anyone else. If you simply go online and search for Ottawa first aid courses in your browser, you will see that there are plenty of providers within the field, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, wishes or even schedule.


What you’ll learn


There are several types of classes that you can sign up for, such as the standard first aid courses, the emergency classes, the advanced classes, the CPR certification and so on. However, at a family level, the best suitable course would probably be the standard one, where you’ll learn how to respond to emergencies, how to deal with respiratory and cardiac arrest, with circulation and breathing emergencies, with head and spine injuries and wound care. These are all situations that can unfortunately occur quite often within a family, so knowing how to reach and how to help each other is greatly useful and can make a huge difference.


How much does it cost?


The price of Ottawa first aid courses depends on the type of classes of course. Standard first aid and CPR certifications should be more that 150 or 200 dollars, but you should be aware that the cost is per person. However, if you sign up your entire family, you might get a family discount or something. Recertification is even cheaper and you will need one, as most first aid certificates are only valid for 3 years.


All things taken into account, if you want your family to be prepared for anything, then signing everybody up for first aid and CPR courses is a great idea, not to mention the fact that it can be something that the family can do together.