Smart ways to prevent garage clutter

Garages were created for cars, but their purpose and functionality go well beyond that. In fact, if you live in a house and you have a garage, you know by now that this space is a saviour when it comes to storage. From bikes and Christmas tree decorations to toolboxes and old trinkets, a garage can fit almost anything. However, even the most spacious room will become over cluttered at one point and, before you know it, you’ll have to navigate your way around cardboard boxes to get to that one item you need.  Here’s what you need to do to prevent clutter in your garage and enjoy a clean space.



Install shelves for vertical storage

The best way to maximise space is to install a shelf. It doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, but you will be able to store things vertically, without creating clutter. Besides, everything you want to place on the shelves will be within arm’s reach and you’ll no longer have to look through things that have been scattered on the floor. There are many shelving systems UK available, so finding the right size for your needs is not a problem. Whether you want to store flower pots, boxes of leftover wall paint, your kid’s old toys or your collection of gardening tools, you’ll be able to fit them all on the shelves without filling the entire floor. If you have a car, this is the best possible option for you, because you can take advantage of every remaining inch of the garage.

Give your garage an annual clean

It’s easy to keep throwing things in the garage when it’s already messy and it doesn’t make a difference. So, once a year, during spring-cleaning or whenever you have a free weekend, take everything out of the garage, clean the floor, walls and shelves, and go through a rigorous selection process. Throw away everything that you no longer need and sort the remaining items into categories. Arranging them this way will take you more time, but you will thank yourself later for being neat and organised.

Put small items into labelled boxes

Finding small objects such as screws, nuts and bolts in the garage can be a huge challenge, so save yourself the trouble by putting them into labelled container boxes. Not only will this look great, but you will no longer lose things and the garage won’t get cluttered as easily. When you give it the annual clean, it’s much simpler to take out boxes than to gather every single trinket. If you don’t have a car and for you the garage is only a workspace, then this step is a must!


If you liked these tips, don’t hesitate to apply them for the rest of the house too! You can place labelled boxes in your kitchen cabinets and you can use the same annual cleaning strategy for your dressing room!