Stay strong and healthy this season – take calcium supplements

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Stay strong and healthy this season – take calcium supplements

Having a busy schedule is overwhelming for you, because you have to handle different tasks, and sometimes you just feel that you have no more energy to get up from the bed in the morning. Well, you might have heard many of your friends are taking calcium, and you do not know if your should do the same. The fact is that calcium is one of the factors that helps you maintain your health, because it strengthens your teeth and bones, and it has a major role in managing your weight. When looking at its benefits, you would notice that it is essential for your body, and you should consult with your doctor and see what calcium supplements they recommend you. And if you are not decided if to buy calcium supplements from, you should know that you daily lose it through your nails, skin and hair, and it has to be replaced in order for your body to stay healthy and strong.

Calcium helps you prevent osteoporosis

You might have heard since you were a child that calcium is crucial for strong teeth and bones, and it is important for you to bone up the mineral. Depending on your age, you should know that at the age of 20 the bone development and calcium absorption is at its peak, but as you get older, and you are around 30 you should know that the absorption process decreases and it is the right moment to start taking calcium supplements.

Calcium helps you maintain your weight

You might find difficult to lose or even maintain your weight, so you should consider taking calcium supplements, because they would help your metabolism. Some researches state that calcium helps you prevent weight gain, and it would lead to less fat storage. Depending on the type of calcium supplements you prefer, specialists recommend having three servings each day, in order to help your body maintain the appropriate weight.

Calcium might combat cancer

As you already know a diet full in antioxidants would help you combat cancer, so if you add calcium you might decrease your chances to develop this condition. Actually, there are studies which show that taking calcium supplements on a regularly basis it helps you decrease the risk of developing breast, ovarian and colorectal cancer. But this does not mean that you should take an overdose, because as every supplement it might harm you in large quantities. Doctors recommend taking calcium in adequate doses.

Calcium improves heart-health

Nowadays it seems like everyone is suffering from heart problems, so you should try to do your best to prevent them. There are researches that shows that if you have an adequate calcium intake, you might reduce the chances to reduce hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. You should know that a high percentage from the calcium in your body is found in the muscles and because the heart is one of the essential muscles from your body, it is important to provide it the required dosage for maintain its health