Stuff you need to know about a Blue Cave tour from Split

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Stuff you need to know about a Blue Cave tour from Split

You are staying in Split for a couple of days and you do not know what to do. Well, you can take a walk along the seaside, visit the museums and art galleries, or do some island hopping. Maybe you are not interested in a series of short journeys. What you are curious about is the famous sea cave located in the bay called Balun. If you are a sea lover, or if you want to see something unforgettable, you should book a Blue Cave tour from Split. You will arrive just in time to see when the sunlight illuminates the entire cave. There is a handful of companies that that provide organized arrangements to this attractive destination. However, you may have questions about going on such a tour. Fortunately, we have the answers to your questions.


Book a Blue Cave tour with a travel agent that has insurance

Why is travelling insurance important when travelling from Split to Blue Cave? Well, your trip may be cancelled or your luggage may get lost. Worse, you may become ill. You are the one who will have to cover the costs.  The benefit of having travelling insurance is that you do not have to pay for the risks associated with unexpected events because the insurance provides coverage. When booking a Blue Cave tour from Split, make sure that the company is a legitimate one. A legitimate company will always offer you insurance.  In Croatia, legitimate businesses have ID codes on their promotional material and on their websites.

How far the Blue Cave is and how long you can stay there

Blue Cave is very close to the island of Split. You travel from Split to Vis and from Vis to Bisevo, which is 5 miles away.  It may look distanced, but it is not. However, it will take an hour to get there. You are not going to stay very long because the length of time you spend in the sea cave is decided beforehand. Each boat is allowed to stay 15 minutes, no more. The good news is that you do not need more time to enjoy the beauty and the colors.

What to expect from a Blue Cave tour from Split

Chances are that you have heard many awful things about Blue Cave tours. Many articles on the internet say that travel agents do not own the trip boats and that their main business is not Blue Cave. Some go so far as to describe what is included in the tour. What you should know is that none of the things that have been circulating in the online environment are not true. Simply put, they are a bunch of lies. Professional companies manage visits to the sea cavern. A skipper runs the boat and buys the entrance ticket, not to mention that you can start your adventure whenever you want. You will get to see the natural phenomenon, that is the light refraction of the light of day entering the sea cavern.