Surprise your boyfriend with one of these geeky gift ideas

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Surprise your boyfriend with one of these geeky gift ideas

If your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, then thinking about what present to get him can be a daunting and time-consuming decision. If you have already used all your great ideas in the past, and now you have no clue what gift to give him next, then you have come to the right place. The market has been conquered by all these futuristic gadgets, which are certainly a dream come true for all the geeks out there. From cool maglev speakers systems to a virtual laser system, the latest design concepts have come with a wow effect. Here are some geeky gift ideas you can use:

Levitating speakers

This is probably the most innovative, yet affordable option you have. Floating speakers are the new hit in terms of music and technology. Just as the name of the device says, these speakers float in the air while playing music. The design consists of a floating orb and a circular base, which function using a magnetic technology. The orb can also be used as a stand-alone speaker, which increases the gadget’s versatility. This is a gift that any gadget enthusiast out there would love. Besides the futuristic design, floating speakers also deliver an acceptable sound quality, so if your boyfriend is an audiophile, you cannot go wrong with this gadget.

Fitness superwatch

If your partner is more of an athletic type, then the fitness superwatch might be the ideal present for him. With this smart device, he can keep track of all his workouts or bodily activities. From number of steps, to calories burned and floors climbed, this watch will keep a workout summary of any physical activity performed. Impressive, right?

IPhone Pocket Prong Case

Everybody dreads the sound that the iPhone makes when running out of battery. If your partner is always complaining about the battery life of his smartphone, then perhaps all he needs is an IPhone Pocket Prong Case, which functions as a wireless charger. This smart tech gadget will solve the problem of constantly asking for a phone charger.

Virtual keyboards

Last but not least, a virtual keyboard has probably always been the dream of any geek out there. With an advance technology incorporated, this type of keyboard can be used with any type of smart device on any surface, giving users the chance to use a keyboard in any situation or location needed.

As you can see, you have such an extensive selection of unique gadgets to choose from, that you can easily find the best item for your boyfriends. If you have already decided on one geeky gift idea, then make sure you learn more about that particular gadget before actually purchasing it. Read a few reviews online, to find out about product features, ease of use and other specifications, and choose the best brand and model for your money. Nowadays, the market has so many innovative things to offer that you will definitely find an item to suit your desires and budget at the same time.