The appropriate wedding attire for the grandmother of the bride

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The appropriate wedding attire for the grandmother of the bride

Any woman who is about to be married feels fortunate to have her granny present for the big event. As an older female relative, you play an important role in the wedding day of your grandchild. The grandmother is expected cherish tradition as a sign of respect for the couple on the wedding day, which means that you have to keep alive the wedding etiquette. While the wedding etiquette is fairly simple and straightforward, the choice of the dress is not. You will be captured in both formal and candid photos, so you should look your best on the wedding day. But what is the appropriate attire for a grandmother of the bride? The answer depends largely on the formality of the event. When shopping for dresses for grandmother of bride, it is also important to take into consideration the time of the day and if the event takes place inside or outside.


Keep things simple, but elegant

Clothing selection is highly important, which means that you cannot come dressed in pants. Neither can you wear the “wedding color”, but rather a flattering color of your own choice. Purple, blue and lavender are great alternatives for a simple gown. As you get older and the years will take their toll, you should not wear anything that has a low neck line. What would be appropriate is a gown with a scooped neck and long elbow sleeves is a good style for a wedding. In order to find the perfect dress, you should go to a designer. Make the gown floor length, beautifully cut and have it made from silk to really shine on the big day. This material speaks for itself. If the event is formal, then you can also consider wearing an elegant skirt suit.

Dressing for the season

A classic outfit will certainly make you feel like you are playing a special role, but you also have to take into consideration the season. Heat is a major issue with warm summertime weddings and this is why you should choose a breathable fabric. Natural fibers like cotton and linen that are mixed with just a little bit of Spandex or Lycra are appropriate. You have the option of going sleeveless, but you have to make sure that you are not too revealing. If the big event takes place in the winter, the only option you have is to look chic in a tailored coat. As an idea, you can wear wool or tweed coats over a slim trouser. This ensemble will make you look stylish and will keep you warm.

Feeling comfortable at the wedding

The venue can be challenging if you are not wearing the right shoes. For instance, if the big event takes place on the beach, then you will find it difficult to walk through sand. You can wear either flat shoes or sandals so as to be able to slip off the sand. However, if you are going to attend a garden wedding, you cannot wear any heels due to the grass. For an extra height, you should find a wedge heel with a flat base. A skirt, a pant suit and a cocktail dress are always appropriate choices. Last but not least, consider the time of the day. For a daytime wedding, wear something less formal so as not to feel out of place, like a tailored skirt or pant suit. A hat is an excellent addition to the outfit as well. For an evening wedding, have your shawl prepared and complement the look with some statement jewelry.