The difference between classroom teaching and private tutoring

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The difference between classroom teaching and private tutoring

At present, classroom teachers and private tutors are the subjects of a fierce debate. Teachers for their part have been accused of contributing to the disappointing performance in many schools. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the decline in teaching standards is largely due to the increase in number of private tutors. Both of them have enough time and the necessary skills to educate students and prepare them for a career, but it seems that private tutoring works better. So, it is necessary to ask ourselves the following question: In what way is private tutoring different from classroom teaching? In the present article we attempt to outline the differences between these two forms of tutoring.

Class teaching

Teachers provide instruction to a large number of students and, more importantly, they are required to follow the curriculum, which is based on specific academic standards. Basically the classroom should reach a certain target within a limited amount of time. Therefore, the teacher has to devise a method of teaching that fits for most students. In addition to the fact that classroom teachers set lesson plans which are achievable for an entire group of students, their way of teaching is not flexible with regard to the way the subject should be studied. Equally important is mentioning that teachers are constantly pressured to deliver information using new resources instead of old ones.

Private tutoring

Private tutors ensure one-to-one tuition, which means that they are able to tailor the lessons to the learning style of the students. To get in touch with a private tutor, visit The words that best describe private tutoring are convenient, flexible and fast. Individuals are provided the opportunity of hiring a teacher for their child and arranging for the lessons to be carried out at their place of residence. Owing to their flexibility, private tutors can provide their services at a time which is convenient for the student rather than for him. Private tutoring is especially useful for those who need help with improving language skills like listening and speaking since the tutor can focus his full attention on these problematic areas.

So, do we have a winner?

The truth is that a great number of classroom teachers are making the transition to private tutoring. The reason why they classroom teachers opt to give private lessons is that they are looking for higher pay and fewer working hours. Private tutoring is a feasible alternative to make an extra income. But, how is private tutoring better for students? Well, even if it is within the responsibility of classroom teachers to lay the foundation, tutors are the ones that ultimately help students apply what they have learned. Rather than teaching them tutors help students overcome problems and manage their homework without any assistance.

It is impossible to declare a winner in the teaching game, but it is clear that classroom professors as well as private tutors make their contribution. Both options have pros and cons and the choice between the two depends largely on one’s learning needs.