The evolution of assisted living concept

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The evolution of assisted living concept

The concept “assisted living” has become popular in many parts of the world, providing a safe environment and encouraging social support between the members of the same community. Most of the times, the term is associated with senior living and lifestyle and even if it seems to have existed for ages, it defines a relatively new practice. If you want to become a caregiver or you need help for a senior in your family, this option is the best you could choose and understanding assisted living concepts will help you see all its benefits. During the past years, there have been some changes in this original alternative to traditional caregiving (nursing homes), and all these have contributed to the current form of this method.


How was the initiative launched?

Everything begun after a group of experts decided that they have to bring some changes in the traditional approach of senior care. Ages ago, if an elderly person could not benefit from the help of their relatives, the options were limited: they could either hire a professional nurse to visit and help them from time to time, or they could simply leave their place and enter a nursing home. Taking into consideration the conditions and misconceptions existing about these places, few seniors were happy to be admitted there. In addition to this, for those whose health condition did not require 24/7 medical assistance, there was no alternative caring method and both options represented an infringement of their independence and self-respect. For this reason, in 1970s, Dr. Keren Brown Wilson is said to have launched the idea of assisted living facilities. After analyzing all the rumors about nursing homes and also their features and benefits, she managed to create a concept which combines the advantages of caregiving and the feeling of independence and privacy of the seniors.


The current status of the concept

The first modern assisted living facility was registered in Park Place in Portland, Oregon, in 1981. This is mostly due to the fact that it was very similar to the manner in which the initiative looks today: it provided participants private rooms, 24-hour medical support in case of emergencies and also involvement in a mutual support and interaction community. Nowadays, this method is used by more and more people, since it represents a safe and efficient solution, beneficial for both parties involved. The caregiver receives accommodation and fewer expenses, while the senior receives company and care. The number of elderly people opting for this method is expected to grow increasingly, taking into consideration that there are certain organization offering even customized help, known as “niche housing”.