The Key Benefits of Custom Adhesives and Tapes

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The Key Benefits of Custom Adhesives and Tapes


Quite simply, the market for adhesive products has never been larger or more comprehensive. Whatever it is you need and whatever it is you need it for, you can pick up almost anything imaginable from seemingly endless string of retailers and suppliers. Which in turn means that when any given brand or business requires an adhesive product for anything of importance, it’s usually a case of ordering a prefabricated product and putting it to use as required.

But at the same time, more businesses than ever before are making the decision to invest in custom adhesives and adhesive products, rather than the off-the-shelf variety. Which begs the question – why? If there are so many readily-available adhesives to choose from, what’s the added value to be had from going custom?

Well, as far as the experts at are concerned, it all comes down to the kind of performance, quality and value for money the respective purchaser expects to get from their purchase. Generic adhesives certainly fulfil a wide variety of purposes, but in instances where requirements are more industrial, commercial or demanding in general, there’s much to be said for considering the custom alternative.

Save Time

For example, if your project or line of work could benefit from an adhesive that is far quicker to use than the average, you are in every way a prime candidate to benefit from custom adhesives. Depending on what it is you do, bespoke adhesive products can be manufactured in a manner which shows that not only are there much quicker and easier to apply, but also that the bond sets in far quicker. Whereas some adhesives can be tricky to apply and require several days to fully set, others really couldn’t be easier to use and offer the strongest of bonds in a matter of seconds. If this is the kind of convenience that would benefit your business, custom adhesives could make a real difference.

A Better Finish

While there’s no disputing the fact that physical mounts and fittings can do a great job holding things together, they are not necessarily what most would consider to be elegant. From bolts to nuts to screws and so on, offer a strong hold they might, but they do little other than take away from the finish of the item and add extra weight into the equation. With custom adhesives on the other hand, you immediately eliminate the need for these kinds of mechanical fixings which in turn helps produce a considerably better finish. The strongest bonds imaginable are created invisibly and without the need for additional fixings, meaning a final result that is elegant, flawless and in many cases considerably lighter.


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There are two main reasons why making the switch to a quality custom adhesive product could lead to considerable cost reductions. First of all, there is the way in which (as mentioned above) a quality adhesive can be used in place of mechanical fixings, which tend to be considerably more expensive. Not only are the metal fixtures themselves pricier than adhesives, but so too are the tools and equipment in general required to make use of them. Secondly, there really is no denying the fact that to use a quality adhesive can speed up the production process exponentially. And when you speed up the production process while at the same time maintaining or even improving quality, you improve and optimise output and efficiency – all of which breeds significant cost savings.

Longevity of Join

Another enormous bonus that comes with ordering custom adhesive products is the way in which you are able to decide for exactly how long the bond should last. In some instances, you may be looking for a strictly temporary join the likes of which can be removed after a short period of time without leaving any noticeable damage or residue behind.  In other instances, it may be necessary to consider an adhesive product that offers something of a permanent bond – one that is resistant to corrosion and the tests of time in general. You basically create a blueprint for exactly what it is you need and how you want it to perform – the manufacturers take over with the rest.


Last but not least, health and safety will always be a factor when making use of adhesive products across the board. And once again, this is something in which you will have a say when it comes to ordering custom products. In accordance with where, when, how and why the adhesive is to be used, you will be able to specify exactly how safe it needs to be – both for those using it at the time and anyone else who may come into contact with it.