The minimalist style in home décor


When it comes to the minimalist home décor, there are two words that come to mind: clear and warm. Contrary to expectations, the minimalist style is not supposed to give off a cold feeling, but it often happens so, because the décor misses a focus point such as a wide stroke of red or orange that will give it warmth. For example, Jewish art can be minimal, even though it features complex and symbolic themes. What makes a painting minimal is the painting style, not the theme it depicts. Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean modern and this style is more complex than meets the eye. From modern and cozy, the minimalist look will become plain and uninviting, if you forget to add the last touch. There are two ways in which you can create the warm feeling: either by adding a vibrant color stroke or by using a light play to your advantage. Modern paintings, vintage light up signs, as well as the most stunning decoration gifts such as lamps, colorful cushions, wall art or an interesting piece of furniture that will steal the center of attention in a minimalist room is mandatory. It is needless to mention that the more striking and memorable the focus point, the better the effect on the room. Let us take the example of the decoration gifts mentioned before. There is nothing more appealing or interesting to the eye than to see impressive pieces of decorations placed in out of the ordinary locations, but in order for them to be minimalistic in style, you have to remember to keep their number to a reduced one and make sure there is a core to the interior design as a whole.


There are many reasons why the modern man prefers the minimalist homes style décor, besides the fact that it is personal, practical, cozy, uncluttered and expressive. In the past years, minimal décor gifts have grown very popular, making them the perfect gift for occasions such as Father’s Day. If your dad is interested in design or just loves redecorating, then check out websites like and get inspiration for you next present.  First of all, it gives off a warm feeling without confusing its audience with too many decorations. A beautiful Jewish painting can completely change the atmosphere in the room, making it more warm and personal. It can also be a wonderful gift for someone you know very well. Less décor will allow you make use of your imagination and come up with an interesting set up that will have an impact as soon as someone enters the room. For instance, truly popular is to make a focus point out of your passion with something. If you are into old movies, a poster with a scene or scenes from your favorite movies coupled with vintage light up signs used by movies theaters in the past is a great decorative idea. You will get the opportunity to focus on details, because this attention will be noticeable and it will create a nice atmosphere. Secondly, minimalist furniture is also functional not only aesthetically appealing. If you are one of the people that hate clustering stuff in your living space and you like to breathe in your own house, you will find the minimalist style the most relaxing decorative style. Thirdly, the minimalist home décor requires fewer elements. However, the furniture and decorations are used to create the maximum effect.


The only problem people can encounter when deciding to change to the minimalist style is failing to bring the charm of this style out. If you do not add a stroke of color and do not use lights into your advantage, the rooms will simply look plain. The lighting should be carefully selected in order to offer a warm feeling to the living spaces. Popular today is the use of a marquee to create an interesting effect in our home décor. You can choose the message you like, a color that suits your furniture and the lights will make a great difference in the way in which the decorations blend with each other. A vintage marquee will add the right amount of spunk and cozy feeling to a room decorated in the minimalist style.