The pillars of successful SEO

Being as old as search engines themselves, SEO has definitely gone through a great deal of changes, the latest major ones being Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. As search engines change their algorithms, SEO practices also need to be adjusted. Staying up date with all these changes is essential, because what is considered to be effective one year can become ineffective or even black hat the other. Of course, some principles, such as original content, have stayed the same, while others emerge every once in a while, requiring the whole rethinking of the SEO strategy. Recently, the rise to power of social media is the one that has caused a lot of changes in the optimization department, making online businesses look for a new approach and adapt to the higher and higher demands. Great SEO has countless components that each work as a cog in a complicated machine. Besides, the best strategy for a particular website can only be decided after talking to an relaible ottawa seo company about your particular demands. As a general guideline, here are the three pillars of successful SEO that currently work the best and that should be at the basis of your search engine optimization efforts.


The phrase “Content is king” has been around for years and years and it’s still valid today. However, the full definition of quality content has changed, getting more characteristics others than “original” and “well written”. In order to have a chance at successful SEO, your website has to have genuine, high quality content, not only for search engines, but also for readers. This means that you will have to talk to a professional SEO company and deal with keyword research. Choosing the relevant keywords for your business is one the most important steps in SEO, establishing the niche that you will then target. Both onsite and offsite content has to be well-written and engaging. Work with a company that can write content that clients would actually like to read and recommend to friends, because content just for the sake of SEO is not the best long-term solution.


Furthermore, it’s impossible to refer to successful SEO without mentioning the importance of inbound links, or backlinks, as they are commonly known. One of the biggest things that happened in the past years was the transition from building excessive links to earning less, but higher quality links. By doing this, you can start branding your company’s image. Last, but not least, social media is a force to be reckoned with and an aspect you shouldn’t neglect if you want to benefit from a complete solution. Not only does social media make it easier for your clients to find and interact with your company, but also enhance online visibility and give you an edge over competitors. All the above mentioned solutions should be a part of your SEO efforts. Professional optimization starts with writing excellent quality content and then uses the power of social media and inbound links to get promotion and establish good rankings in search engines.