The right warehouse racking systems for the right products

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The right warehouse racking systems for the right products

Fitting a warehouse with shelving and racking has become a crucial matter for most businesses, especially in fields or product movement and order fulfilment need to be very quick. However, the racking and shelving market comes to support this need for speed with a great range of warehouse racking systems, each with its own set of benefits that perfectly suit different needs. Now, the first thing that most people take into account when researching racking and shelving options is, obviously, the floor space available in their warehouse, as well as the overall layout. This is an important consideration that significantly impacts the choice of product, but it should definitely not be the only one. The type of stock or items that you’re storing should also be factored in when choosing the storage system for your warehouse, as different goods require different storage.


Warehouse racking for palletised goods


Palletised goods are basically the easiest to store when it comes to warehouse racking systems, as all you need is basically strong and durable pallet racking. However, depending on the type of operations you’re conducting, pallet racking comes in multiple forms, from selective racks and push back systems to drive in or drive through pallet racking, pallet flow or live racking, shuttle racking and so on. Some systems provide low density storage and easy handling, while others provide high density storage, but low inventory rotation, so it all depends on the specific needs of your warehouse operations.


Warehouse systems for small parts


When it comes to small parts storage, pallets and boxes are obviously not the right way to go about it, so your warehouse racking systems need a different approach. The best way to store small parts and components is to make use of picking bins, which evidently support not only safe and easy storage, but also fast and efficient picking. This type of plastic bins can be easily incorporated on shelving and racking and can be adjusted to any warehouse environment. The great advantage of bin storage is that it can also be adjusted to the type of items you’re storing, as picking bins can be manufactured from different materials, so if you need static sensitive devices, you can choose electro-conductive bins and so on. In addition, they come in a huge variety of sizes and colours, making warehouse organisation a lot easier.


Warehouse systems for perishable goods


Goods with expiration date need special racking and shelving solution, as you need quick and inventory rotation, so you have to operate a first in first out system. Flow racking systems are the ideal solution for these operations and can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse if implemented properly. In fact, whatever type of system you choose to invest in, before committing to it, it’s important to factor in how the structure will integrate within the current operations and how it will work to improve their efficiency. Designing your racking and shelving around the nature of the products you store and handle is important, but it’s not, as mentioned above, the only factor to consider.