The sacrifices of a working mom

Having kids today is very different, not because of the completely new society, different values, as well as opportunities and risks, but also due to the very basic process of parenting, which has suffered many changes along the years. The most obvious reflection of these changes is perhaps the mothers’ alternative of being a working mom, rather than giving up their jobs and careers to stay home with the kids. But, as a working mom, aren’t there also things you are giving up? Of course there are and the question is which sacrifice is bigger: giving up the chance to see your children grow or giving yourself up? Of course there are and the question is which sacrifice is bigger: giving up the chance to see your children grow or giving yourself up? And don’t forget, working moms have the advantage of being able to provide their kids with a much safer future, financially speaking, and not having to resort to loans or debt in order to offer them stability. With the current mortgage rates in Ottawa and anywhere else for that matter, who knows what the future can bring?

 Many people, women included, may jump ahead and claim that nothing is more rewarding than seeing your kids turn into teenagers and then into grown ups and no career is worth loosing these precious moments. However, in order to make an accurate appreciation of the sacrifices made by working mothers, we need to renounce the misconception that working moms are bad moms, who are not there for their children, that they equal absent parents. First, you can stay at home and still be an absent parent if you don’t actively get involved in raising your kid and in being part of his or her life or upbringing. Secondly, just because a mother chooses to go forward with her career, it doesn’t mean she will inevitably miss every important moment of her kid’s life.

 The key to being a mom and continue working is, as in everything else in life, balance. Women generally have good organizational skills, which comes as a great help when you are trying to balance a busy work schedule with raising a kid. Sacrifices will have to be made on both plans, obviously, but if you decide carefully what can be sacrificed on each plan as to not damage neither your relationship with your kid nor your career, then this endeavor may just work out. You won’t be there for each every ballet class or cello lessons, but you’ll probably be on the safe side if you don’t miss out on competitions, organized events or recitals and never go back on your promise. The same should apply for your work. Delegate as much as possible, as your presence may not be required for every single meeting and only try not to miss key sessions or talks and decision making processes.

All things considered, a working mom may sacrifice a big chunk of the time that could be spent with her kid or kids, but the self esteem and worth that comes from being a successful and independent woman will definitely transpose into her relationship with the children, offering them a great role model. Moreover, if she is able to juggle schedules as not to turn into a completely absent parent, then it’s all for the better, as she will get to be there to support and share with them the most important moments of their upbringing.