Things to know about laser hair removal

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Things to know about laser hair removal


Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to have unwanted hair on different parts of your body. Whether it is on your face, hands, legs or anywhere else on your body, you wish it were not there at all, especially if you are a woman. You have certainly tried different ways in order to get rid of it for as long as possible, waxing the area, using tweezers or even creams to help you remove it. However, none of these methods has proved to be long lasting, so why not try something that could really meet your expectations, such as removing your unwanted hair with the aid of a laser. You can find more information about laser hair removal clinics in Toronto, if you do a quick research online.

How does laser hair removal work?

It is the era of technology development, so people have created all sorts of tools in order to make life easier, and one of them is the laser hair removal. This device is designed for anyone who has unwanted hair and wants to remove it, no matter on what part of the body it is. This laser will do its job smoothly and safely, leaving you with no scars on your skin. You need a treatment that requires a certain number of sessions depending on the area on your body and on the amount of hair you want to remove. The process is progressive, so in each session a certain percentage of hair is eliminated, until the skill remains hair free. The laser is based on beams of light, which target both the hair and its root.

Things to do before and after the treatment

Before going to a specialised clinic for this treatment, you must not use any depilatory ways in the area you want to remove your hair, must not tan or use other products for self-tanning, all of these for a period of two weeks. After the treatment, you also should not tan for two weeks and you should apply a sunscreen cream that has a minimum SPF of 30 once a day in the treated area. Moreover, you should clean that area at least twice a day.

Things to know about the treatment itself

You should go to more than one session in order to remove all the unwanted hair from a certain area. The reason is that your hairs do not grow all at the same time and in order to get rid of all of it you should attend five or six sessions of treatment. The interval in which you should wait between sessions is from six to eight weeks to allow hair from the treated area to grow. However, you should pay attention to certain factors that might influence a good result, such as the area you choose to treat, your skin colour, or even the colour and thickness of your hair. All in all, laser hair removal is the best solution if you want to have a hair free skin.