Tips and tricks for improving your E-cigarette smoking experience

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Tips and tricks for improving your E-cigarette smoking experience

Lately more and more persons choose to switch to E-cigarettes, because they find them as the healthier alternative to their smoking habit. When buying this device people have the impression that it will work flawlessly for a long period, regardless of how they will use it. The problem is that if you do not know some simple tricks, you might not be very satisfied with the way the cigarette will work. Also, you have to be sure that the ecig liquid you are using is quality one, because in the majority of cases people ignore this aspect, and they consider that the cigarette is the one that does not work properly. To be sure, that you will have an enjoyable and smooth e-smoking experience you should pay attention to these simple tricks and tips.

Prime your puffs

If you want to have, a smoking experience similar to the one of smoking a standard cigarette you might want to buy an automatic battery device, which tends to produce less vapor per puff. The manual battery ones, allow you to prime your puffs by simply holding down the button for a couple of moments. If you want to have the same effect when using an automatic cigarette, you should take two brief puffs before having a longer one.

Respect the line

When you purchase this device, you will see that it features a line, which marks the maximum quantity of liquid you should use, the trick is not to cross it. If you put more liquid, then you diminish the vapor production, because the air will not be able to flow through the cartomizer or atomizer. The sign that you have filled it with too much liquid is when you hear a gurgling noise when you try to smoke.

Try different types of liquids

Sometimes people are hard to be pleased when they switch from normal cigarettes to E-ones, because they are not accustomed with the liquid flavor. But there are a wide variety of liquids on the market, and you only have to browse through the products provided by online stores and order the ones you might like. You should read their reviews before, to see what other clients have to say about them, because they have a common base, made from glycerin propylene glycol or a mix of these two ingredients, but the rest of the excipients are particular to the manufacturers, and they differ a lot.

Remember to charge the battery

You might not believe but the quality of the smoking experience is influenced by the battery life, and as it is slowly drained, it would result a dip in the voltage, leading to a diminished vapor production. You will notice immediately that you will find more pleasant the experience when you have a high-capacity battery. Because for some models the amount of vapor produced by the cigarette suddenly drops when the battery life is low, you will feel the difference, and you will be unsatisfied.