Tips for getting the windows looking spotless

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Tips for getting the windows looking spotless

Spring is the season to gather together your cleaning equipment and start clearing up your house. The first thing that you should start with is the windows because spotless ones will make your house look and of course feel fresh. The fact is that cleaning the windows is a straightforward task as long as you have the correct window cleaning equipment and as long as you know what you are doing. Taking into consideration that every house is different, you should apply the right methods as well because not all of them will work for your particular situation. While many think that all you need is a good squeegee, the truth is that a good cleaning solution is equally important. So what is the secret to getting the windows looking shiny?

Good quality equipment

If you want to start with the right foot, then you will need to buy proper cleaning equipment. In the case of windows, the list may be longer than you think. First of all, you should already have a bucket, if the one you own is not wide enough, then exchange it for something that is large enough to accommodate the squeegee and the mop. When it comes to selecting a squeegee, the most crucial of tools, you need to get a good one. Instead of buying from the nearest petrol station, you can go online and find a quality one. But how do you recognize one? Well, a quality squeegee is made from three pieces and comes in different sizes. Ideally, you should get one that is 14 inches. Finally, no sanitation task is complete without the detergent. For the house opening, consider purchasing something from a cleaning shop.

Squeegeeing explained  

The most popular method used is obviously hand cleaning. Even though speed is not necessarily an issue, you have to adapt the squeegeeing strokes to the type of opening that you have. In other words, for a big pane you will use horizontal strokes. Make sure after each stroke to dry the rubber and only after that continue with the next one. Since you are not a professional cleaner, you can afford to wait until the pane dries off. Otherwise, you can end up with water lines behind the glass. If the glass is not tall enough, then you will have to resort to vertical movements. In the end, make sure to wipe the edges as well because you do not want them to look dirty.

Tricks of the trade

One thing you can try is to wipe the glass with newspapers. The reason why you should definitely use newspapers instead of paper towels is that they are totally lint-free. Besides this, newspapers will not leave your hands dirty, being by far the easiest way to polish your windows. You can also consider using paper coffer filters, which are the modern alternative. Paper coffee filters are not expensive and they absorb he excess water so that the glass will not have a fuzzy coat. But no matter what supplies you are using, avoid washing the windows when the sun is shining because you will not have a clear view.