Tips to organise the perfect country wedding

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Tips to organise the perfect country wedding

Every couple has in mind a wedding theme, and if some of them want a fairy-tale type of wedding, there are people who are very proud of their roots, and they choose to organise their wedding in a country style. This means that all the clothes and wedding arrangements will be chosen according to this idea. If you want this type of wedding, then you should buy tartan ribbons UK because they will prove very helpful in customising the clothes, decorations and wedding arrangements.

Find the right dresses for your bridesmaids

Yes, it is a country wedding, but this does not mean that you would not wear a white gown, so you should focus on the dresses of the bridesmaids to share the theme. One option would be to choose them tulle skirts, and plaided shirts. In addition, you can choose simple tulle dresses, and accessorise them with tartan ribbons in the waist. You can simply tie the ribbons, or you can use them to create big bows on the back of the dresses.

Choose the wedding bouquets

Depending on the colour scheme you decided, you could choose for your bridesmaids some flowers bouquets that complement yours. You can go with a big flower bouquet for you, because sometimes if the colour of the flowers is a nude one, you have to choose a size that impresses, and smaller ones for your bridesmaids. You can tie tartan ribbon on their stems, and let it loose. It would look beautifully in the pictures, on the tulle skirts.

 The venue is the key

When organising this type of wedding, the venue is very important, so you should select one placed in the nature, which features some country decorations. You can use wooden tables, and forget about tablecloths, because you will only have to use centrepieces, when decorating in this style. Depending on your taste, you can use wild flowers to create them, or you can go with pumpkins. There are persons who even choose to use glass tubes filled with apples for example, to create centrepieces, so you should take a look online and see what options you have. You should not use any type of fabric to decorate the chairs, because they should go on the same line as the tables, but you can use the tartan ribbon, to create bows for you and your groom’s chairs, and hang with them some tablets, which have written “Mr” and “Mrs”, on their back.