Traits you should look for in your future babysitter

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Traits you should look for in your future babysitter


Of course, we all want the person caring for our children have certain traits. After all, we want healthy growing children, with a positive attitude towards life and with great education as well. When it comes to nannies, we are not sure, however, what should we first look for. A caring person is not always enough, because our children need more than this. They need someone fully trained for providing homework assistance and guidance, they need someone with practical skills for taking them to their favourite sports and someone with a general good attitude towards life. More traits you should look for in your future nanny, below.

1. Look for someone with great general health

Make sure the person who will be caring for your child has no health issues, because they will eventually end up staying at home than caring for them, otherwise. Chronic illness is, of course, a scenario you don’t want to go for, because of the possibility of disease transmission from the person staying with them, to your children.

2. Have high levels of maturity

When constantly around children, it is easy to forget about your grown-up duties and let yourself go with the childhood wave. Although it is important for your nanny to have a playful attitude when necessary, they must also have high levels of maturity. Maturity makes it easier for them to retain your children from doing certain things, or on the contrary, to encourage them to handle serious aspects.

3. High levels of self-confidence

If not showing self-confidence, children will surely detect it and will act exclusively to their desires. They will interpret a lack of confidence as a lack of authority, and the last thing you want is your child become chaotic when at home with the babysitter.

4. Manners are always a plus

What your child to grow up with impeccable manners? Then make everything possible to have people with great manners around them. While they spend the large majority of time with their babysitters, most relevant it would be to search for one trained this way.

5. Basic notions of child psychology

For fully understanding a child, you need at least some basic notions regarding child development. This also applies to your future babysitter. This will help them better understand your child and their needs and act accordingly to them.