Using drones for photography

Drones have made a significant leap from niche gadget tech to a serious piece of imaging kit that every photographer wants to get his hands on. The unmanned aerial vehicle is by far the most exciting development in photography. High flying cameras are able to capture unique viewpoints from common subjects and the good news is that the cost of getting a camera into the air has significantly dropped. So, if you do decide to venture down this road, you will not be disappointed. In addition to the fact that a remote control drone with camera captures amazing images, they are incredible fun.

Know your drones  

As with most modern technology, there is a vast range of quadcopters or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) on the market. How much you are prepared to spend will determine the quality of the camera on-board, but, more importantly the flying characteristics of the drone itself. So, what type of drone should you be looking at? What is important to keep in mind is that not all camera-equipped quadcopters are suitable for photography. If you are shooting in countries such as the UK, then you will need a special license. There are affordable models that will take basic images and prized devices that depicture heaven.

Getting started with the drone

It is commonly advertised that quadcopters can fly straight out of the box. This is true taking into consideration that drones imply an ease of operation. Even though they are easy to fly, you should still be careful. What you should do is start with some limitations in space. With regards to where you can fly your unmanned aerial vehicle, you should always start somewhere wide open, like a local park, and spend time getting a feel of the controls before pressing the shutter button. Be careful of your location because the camera lenses have a wide angle and you may misjudge your position.

Aerial photography

You will soon realize that aerial photography is no different from other forms of photography. Basically it is all about the light, so instead of heading out randomly, chase the light and conditions. As a photographer, you should always be aware of weather conditions and what they may offer. As a pilot, you will have to take into consideration the wind forecasts because quadcopters are not gadgets that you can fly in high winds. What you should be looking for is calm weather.

Capturing shots

The technology that unmanned aerial vehicles contain is very advanced, so advanced in fact that the powerful motors enable the craft to become airborne. The batteries are strong enough to power the GPS, camera, live view and other sensors. For most current drones, the batteries ensure around 20 minutes of flight before a cell change is necessary. It is obvious that the harder you fly, the less flight time you will have. Although most manufacturers offer additional battery packs, you should check your budget for after market accessories. When you first start to fly, it is exciting to get home and load your images.