Visiting natural beauties – a popular activity in Cancun

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Visiting natural beauties – a popular activity in Cancun

If you ever get the chance to visit Cancun, the best thing you could do is find out in advance which are the things you should not miss in the area. This fabulous region has so many things to offer to its tourists, because besides its natural beauties, such as crystalline waters, amazing beaches and unique vegetation and fauna, Cancun is also a city with a rich culture and history. For those who decide to spend their holidays here, the experience is nothing but amazing and full of entertaining activities. Taking into consideration that it is part of the Yucatan Peninsula, this region has so many objectives and attractions that you may need to talk to a specialist to advice you regarding the best Cancun activities. However, whether you talk to a local or to an employee from a tourism agency, they will definitely tell you to visit the legendary cenotes, some rare geographical forms which made the peninsula famous all around the world.


What is a cenote?

The cenote is, briefly, a natural geological form specific to the region of Mexico, especially near the Caribbean Sea. It is obtained after a large rock collapsed and made a hole in the ground, which was later filled with groundwater. The form, depth, width and aspect vary from one cenote to another, but it is generally considered that those from the Yucatan Peninsula are the most special in the whole world. This Mexican region has gained international recognition for many reasons, and one of these is represented by its ancient inhabitants, the Maya civilisation, which is a controversial and appealing topic for people all over the world. There is a strong connection between the Mayans and the cenotes, because besides being breath taking natural monuments, the latter ones are also said to have served as the location for various Mayan rituals. As you can see, these are not only extremely beautiful, but also have an impressive past that draws the attention of tourists from all over the world.


From sacred place to tourist attraction

Even if in ancient times, the centoes were considered sacred places, nowadays they have become a genuine attraction for those who visit the region of Cancun. During the inhabitation of the Maya civilisation, the existence of these holes was associated with the rain god, Chaak, because people thought the wells represented his home, and also a gateway to the underworld. At the moment, people from all around the globe come here to relax and admire the spectacle of the nature.


Which are the leisure activities available in the area?

Since millions of tourists visit Cancun annually, most of them also pass by the legendary cenotes, these unusual attraction which can hardly be found anywhere else. The locals take a lot of pride in their heritage, and the authorities have speculated its huge potential, arranging plenty of leisure facilities in the region. People come here to jump and dive in the emerald waters, swim with wild creatures and explore the uncommon beauties.