Ways to include ribbon in your DIY home projects

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Ways to include ribbon in your DIY home projects

Sometimes, the best DIY projects require the usage of common supplies in unusual ways. If you are passionate with designing and personalizing then you are able to interblend even the simplest items to create eye-catching and groundbreaking elements. Undoubtedly, ribbon represents a versatile and beautiful item that you can find practically anywhere, in stores or online. In addition, it gives you a multitude of option in terms of size, texture, color and pattern so that you can let your imagination wild free and make unexpected combinations. If you have not used ribbon in your previous projects, it means that you have not discovered yet the multitude of things you can make with this small and intriguing decorative element. From embellishing interiors spaces to enhancing articles of clothing or just creating hair accessories, using ribbon makes it easier and faster.

Origami with ribbon

Everyone knows that origami represents the art of folding paper with the purpose to obtain different sculptures. This practice demands special techniques in order to create intricate designs that you definitely acquired thanks to all the years of creating items from scratch. Thus, what do you think about replacing paper with ribbon? You can fold ribbon similarly to create wonderful shapes like flowers that you can use as accessories for interior design, clothes and hair. For instance, you can create a brooch using satin or rosette ribbons and adding a precious stone in the middle. It immediately becomes a valuable customized piece that you can pin to your coat or blouse when attending special occasions or family reunions.

Ribbon lampshade and bookmark

If you have a little girl, you can embellish her room with wonderful and unique elements created with ribbon. For instance, you can take her old lampshade and completely transform it by sewing pink or blue ribbon (you probably already know her favorite color) across it. Make sure to include cute ruffles in the finish result because she will love it. You can go a step further and make small white butterflies from a delicate material that you can glue directly to the lampshade or use those ribbon flowers resulted from the origami project. Because she will surely jump with excitement and ask for more, you can give her a personalized ribbon bookmark. You can purchase a simple bookmark, create a colorful ribbon bow with many loops and glue it at one top of the bookmark or sew it by using adorable buttons in heart shape.