What can you use tartan ribbons for?

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What can you use tartan ribbons for?

Ribbons are commonly used for wrapping presents and as wedding decorations and the fact that they come in a variety of colours, sizes, designs and materials allows people to opt for the ones that best match their needs and budget. Among the most popular ribbon materials is the tartan and believe it or not, there are numerous ways in which you could use them. Do some detailed research on the internet and look for the best provider where you can buy tartan ribbons UK at reasonable prices. Here are some great suggestions on how you can use this type of ribbons.


Make a fancy flower to top off a gift

It is commonly known that most people choose to embellish a gift using ribbons simply by creating a bow, but if you are tired of this classic design, you can opt for making an amazing flower out of your tartan ribbon by cutting petal shapes and sewing them together. Do some research and look for more detailed instructions if you want to know exactly how to do this.

Embellish a simple Christmas garland

The market is plentiful in amazingly decorated Christmas garlands, but if you want to surprise your relatives with a personalized gift, walk on their doorstep with a garland that is beautifully decorated with a tartan ribbon bow. The ribbon will give the garland that special Christmas spirit.

Make sashes for the flower girls at your wedding

Tartan sashes are considered a symbol of the Scottish culture and they are highly appreciated. You can create a beautiful sash for the flower girl at your wedding, thus turning her simple white dress into a classy, beautiful one. After you have tied a very nice bow, make sure you trim the ends to make that perfect vee.

Tartan buttonholes for your wedding guests

Last but not least, another great idea to use tartan ribbons is to create some buttonholes out of them for your wedding guests. If you are planning a Scottish-themed wedding, tartan is definitely a must-have piece. The great advantage of tartan buttonholes is that they go perfectly with nearly any colour combination.

As you can see, these are only a few great suggestions regarding tartan ribbons that you might want to consider, but feel free to think of other amazing ways to use them. There are numerous online stores that provide this type of ribbon, so make sure you select the right one.