What is the best hair extension method for you?

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What is the best hair extension method for you?

Hair extensions are the ideal solution for women who have not been blessed with strong locks and cannot afford to leave it grow long. Other women that resort to applying fake mashes due it because they have severely damaged their coiffure as a result of dye and styling with the help of hair straighteners and curlers. Due to the fact that your scalp may already be damaged or dry, it is important to know where to get hair extensions in Ottawa that are suitable for your type of scalp. Here are the main techniques with the help of which stylists apply mashes to your natural locks.

One by one

In the course of this procedure the locks are attached strand by strand, meaning that only small portions are used. In order to do this, the stylist uses bonding, clamping or micro tubes and the overall procedure takes about several hours due to the fact that the stylist needs to attach 50 or even 100 strands of locks. If the procedure is carried out correctly, then the applied pieces will fit in nicely with your natural coiffure.  This can be realized either by gluing the pieces to the scalp or using non glue based attachments. Most frequently, the beauty expert will use a bond such as liquid keratin that is placed at the tip of the extension and is fused into the texture of the lock. The ultrasonic waves melt the keratin to form a solid bond. The only downside to this method is that it requires regular maintenance.

Weft hair extensions

A weft can be defined as a track that measures several inches and that is attached at the top of the head. The weft can either be made manually or created by a machine. Instead of applying the strands piece by piece, the stylist simply applies a whole row with the help of micro rings through which the two strands of mane are pulled and joined together. The method consists of applying more than one strand of hair and fitting them from the weft and the scalp. In addition to this, the locks can be attached by way of sewing the pieces into the scalp. However, the coiffure must be raided in advance.

Clip-in method  

This is considered to be the fastest way of attaching hair extensions, but it also represents a temporary fix in the sense that the pieces have to be removed before going to bed. The popularity of this type of application is explained by the fact that it is easy to do even at home and you do not have to get stuck with the pieces if you do not like the end look. Many women resort to this king of application when they feel the need for change but do not want to make any major changes in their aspect or simply to experiment from time to time. Attention must be paid to the fact that you can easily lose them because they fall out due to inappropriate application and they are not that secure.

To conclude, go to your local salon and ask only for the latest in hair application. Extensions can totally change your appearance.