When can you apply for social security benefits?

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When can you apply for social security benefits?

If you have been living in France for some time now, then you have probably heard about the CAF and the social security benefits offered. Because the government desires to make sure the all citizens, both permanent and temporary, have a high quality of life, they give you the chance to apply for financial support, if your situations demands to. Just by searching online you will be able to find the numero caf Seine Saint Denis, and you can contact the office personally to ask for more relevant details regarding the application process. However, you should know right from the start about all situation in which you have the right of receiving social security benefits. Here are just a few examples.


You have more than 3 children

Because the government understands that large families may struggle financially, they are willing to offer them an allowance. Although the most significant financial advantages are received by those with more than 3 children, there are other family cases that can be eligible for a family allowance. The allocation amount you can receive if you are the parent of 3 children is 295, and it grows bigger with every additional child. After your children reach the age of 14, an extra amount of €64 will be added. For big families this is a great plus, allowing them to avoid financial struggles. So, if this is your case, you should contact the Caf as quickly as possible.

Suitable accommodation for the disabled

Because the disabled have increased needs, when it comes to housing and accommodation, they require a financial stimulation, and the CAF is the place to obtain it.  If you are suffering from a disability or one of your family members is, then you should know you are entitled to an allowance, and you should inform yourself properly, in order to get ahold of the benefits promised by the CAF.

Student exchange programs

Those who come to France as exchange students have the opportunity to receive a subvention, which will allow them to keep up with the financial requirements that may arise as a college student. If this is the situation in your case, and you have chosen France as your student exchange destination, then you will be happy to hear, that the government can make your life easier by offering you the much-needed support.

As you can see, there are several situations in which you are able to apply for social security benefits, which means you will receive the financial support you require. However, because the number of applicants is fairly extensive for all the cases mentioned above, perhaps some professional assistance may come in handy. Search for a specialist who can help you fill in your application, and who will guide you very step of the way, in order for the CAF to take into consideration your request. Look online for a company of this kind, and fill in your application as soon as possible.