Why a marquee is the perfect option for a summer wedding

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Why a marquee is the perfect option for a summer wedding

The majority of persons choose to have their wedding in the summer, because it is considered the most suitable reason for this type of event. It is important to feel amazing in this day, and weather can be a factor, which might influence the way a wedding might go. Summer is perfect for this type of events, because the wedding pictures would look amazing, and the groom and bride will have the opportunity to organise the party in whatever place they might have in mind. But because there are situation when even in the summer it rains, it is advisable to rent a marquee for a company like www.eventinteriors.com, to avoid any problem. Here are the main reasons you should consider a marque for your summer wedding.

You are the one who selects the venue

When choosing a marquee all you need is the space where you want to place it, it can be in your back yard, in a garden or on the top of a hill. Marquees have grown in popularity in the last years, because manufacturers provide a wide variety from which to choose, and you will be the one who decides which one is suited for you.  You have the possibility either to choose an already established wedding venue, which has a marquee installed, or to install it wherever you might want.

You decide the style

When you choose to have your wedding in a restaurant there are not too many things you can do to modify the way it looks, but when using a marquee you will not have this issue. You can start from scratch, by choosing the style and model of marquee you want. It is very important to decide upon the style, because it has to be the same as your wedding theme.

You are part of the process

The most amazing part when you choose to have a marquee wedding is that you are part of the entire process. You will be there when the manufacturer will upgrade it according to your wishes, and you will be able to tell if something is not how you would want. In addition, you can participate at the installation process, and give certain directions like where to place.

Choose one with a view

When you have a wedding in a restaurant, you and your guests could not enjoy the view, even if it is located in a wonderful place, but when having a marquee you can ask the provider to customise the marquee to have clear window walls and roof, to be able to admire the view. You will find amazing to party under the clear sky in the night, and to have the stars as your own lights when you dance with your partner. In case you organise the wedding in a garden you should roll up its sides for letting the scent of the flowers get in, and transform your wedding into a fairy tale one.