Why invest in statement furniture items?

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Why invest in statement furniture items?

When deciding what kind of furniture to buy for their homes, most people think of comfort first and then consider aesthetics, but these two aspects are equally important. After all, the way a house looks is a reflection of the family living inside, so you should not purchase anything that does not match your unique sense of style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look beyond cliché tables and chairs when buying furniture. Statement items are easier to implement than it seems and they are the key to turning a house into a home effortlessly.


Statement furniture is trending right now


If you follow interior designs magazines or at least have a few furniture Pinterest boards, you’ve probably noticed that the days of vintage furniture are gone and today’s trends are all about minimal items that make a statement. Modern and statement don’t necessarily have to be extremely daring or extravagant. Take the Eero Saarinen oval tulip table, for example: it has clean, simple lines, and yet it immediately draws attention. Such items usually go well with minimalist designs, but you can also integrate them in retro-style rooms if you know how to mix and match.


Add a unique touch to your home


One of the biggest problems with conventional furniture and décor stores is that they tend to sell the same items with small variations, so if you buy from them you might soon discover that your neighbour’s living room looks almost the same as yours. Statement furniture is a great way of adding an original touch to your house and make it feel personal and unique. If you’re the kind of person who likes impressing guests, then a brand such as Eero Saarinen is a good choice.


Save money on decorations


Although statement, designer furniture can be a bit expensive, in the end it helps you save money because such items don’t usually require many decorations. You can place an impressive oval tulip table in the centre of the dining room and it draws enough attention, you won’t have to spice things up with large paintings or metal decorations. In fact, the more special an item is, the less it requires knick knacks. If you go over board with decorations, you risk creating an overwhelming atmosphere.


What if you can’t afford designer furniture?


Everyone can agree that the designs created by Eero Saarinen and other similar brands are simply stunning, but not anyone has the budget to buy an original item from them. If you cannot afford to spend thousands of pounds on a chair or dining table, you could buy a high quality replica. Despite the stigma that replicas have, today’s reproductions are getting better and better, to the point where you cannot tell apart the original unless you are an expert in furniture. If you do not have a professional furniture store near you, you can order from an online store, because the prices are lower and you can have the items delivered right at home.