Why is wood dust extraction so important?

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Why is wood dust extraction so important?

Wood dust extraction is one of the main issues many industries face if they have to produce raw materials. As a business manager, you cannot understate the importance of dust collection, because you put in danger your employees. You may think that dust is present everywhere, and there is no danger for people. Therefore, dust should not be harmful. Well, you should know that in this situation we are talking about industrial dust that accumulates during the production of materials. But it is important to collaborate with a company specialised in Wood Dust extraction, because if a large quantity of dust accumulates, it has combustible properties and it can lead to an accidental explosion or fire. Because the dust has a combustible nature it is hazardous in the work environment, so you have to make sure that you employees work in safety conditions.


What leads to dust explosions?

It is important to prevent a dust explosion if you manufacture products based on wood. So you have to hire a company specialised in dust collection, because in your firm’s space there are definitely all the elements that cause a fire. The fuel of the fire is the dust, the heat is the ignition source and the oxidizer is the oxygen in the air. Also, because all the actions take place indoors, the risk of explosion is higher because the dust cloud is ignited in a confined area.

It is your responsibility to offer protection to your employees

One of the main things you should focus when working in this domain is to prevent explosions, so you have to train your employees to recognise the signs of an explosion. People are the one that can avoid a hazardous situation, so it is important they to be able to identify an unsafe condition and call the dust collection company to solve the situation.

What you should do to prevent dust side effects

The first thing you have to do is to train your employees to identify the dangerous situations and to understand what the procedures of combustion prevention are. Also, you should make sure that it is important to take periodic refreshers. Hire a company to do this every 6 months. Also, make sure that you have a full time contract with a company that offers dust collection services, because they have to come regularly and clean the working space. When the location changes, ask them to come and offer you some suggestion on how to keep the space safe.