Written in the stars – A successful male modelling career

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Written in the stars – A successful male modelling career

In a fashion world dominated by female models, being a male model surely has its perks. Since it is a highly competitive domain, becoming successful is quite a journey you must make, and the road can sometimes be bumpy. But in the end, at the peak of a modelling career, few are those claiming they would prefer a different one. Maybe one of the most requested male models nowadays, Andre Birleanu, can teach us something about modeling as a male. And what is a better source of finding all these information, if not from the sexiest man alive? Need some tips? Below are some you might find useful!


Hit the gym as often as you can

As a male model, you only have a few things to do. And the most important is looking great. This is what the modelling industry is looking for. Well defined abs, like those Andre Birleanu has, this is what designers look for in male models. Since there are many underwear, swimming suits and shirtless modelling jobs, this comes as a natural requirement. And the easiest way of accomplishing it is by hitting the gym as often as you can, for as many hours humanly possible. Also, never forget leg days, since chances are, you will most likely get completely undressed.

Be unique in all your features

Have a bad boy smile? Work that on. The greatest advice we could give is try setting yourself apart from the masses. Uniqueness, this is what designers look for and you should find something not so frequent on the market and work that on. Not your cup of tea? Practice it until you master it! Make designers want you instead of other male models because of your unique features.

A great skin goes a long way in modelling

Of course, since you can become the image of a brand, designers will want you to have a flawless skin. Since in photo shoots imperfections can be Photoshopped, on a runway the coordinates are slightly different. You have to have a glowing healthy skin, since even with professional makeup products, hiding severe acne or scarring is quite a challenge.

Need some more tips on becoming a successful male model? Maybe it is time for you to start following one model you are looking up to on social media platforms and what their approach is.