Your engineered floor needs some TLC too

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Your engineered floor needs some TLC too

While many people simply adore the timeless effect offered by the presence of an engineered floor in the house, the floor has to be taken care of in order to keep it looking just as beautiful as in the beginning. This is due to the fact that engineered wood flooring is made out of real wood, not imitations of wood as it is the case with laminate tiles. The material needs some special attention in order to prevent any possible damage to the surface such as scratches or spots. Even if the tiles are made out of solid wood, they can be susceptible to deterioration if not handled properly.

Start a cleaning routine

Scratches and dents are most frequently caused by the presence of dust, debris and grime on the surface of the floor. In order to get the dust that has covered the surface, it is necessary to use a soft broom so as not to scratch the surface and a dustpan after which an extensive vacuuming needs to be performed. Not many may be aware of the fact that the layer of dust and debris that gathers on the surface can damage the lustre of the veneer, so the owner must carefully remove any dust particles and make sure to clean the corners as well.

No wet mop

The presence of excessive water on the surface of the surface can also damage the floor because the moisture absorbed will cause the material to expand. Many people have indoor plants and water filters which can raise the level of hunmidity in the home, so if the owner remarks the presence of water on the surface, he should clean it with the help of a dry towel. For hardwood floors, it is advisable to use only a mop that is only a little damp.

Special cleaning materials

There are many times when the owner encounters difficult spots that he cannot get rid of. The solution is to use cleaning items produced by the manufacturer in order to avoid causing permanent damage to the veneer. The veneer has to be treated with delicacy due to the fact that it has a thin cover and it is susceptible to tears. In order not to wear out the surface, it is recommendable not to use cleaning mixtures based on ammonia or vinegar and avoid steam cleaners that can cause moisture.

Give up the heals

Like all surfaces that are manufactured from thin material, the engineered floor can be harmed by high heels and other footwear that scratch the surface, this is the reason for which special attention should be paid to what is worn and also never walk in the house with the shoes on because you can bring in a lot of dirt.

In conclusion, it is better to take care of the condition of the surface in order to prevent refinishing the material once it is worn out due to neglect. The process of maintenance is not so complicated and the owner must remember to always clean the surface and avoid the formation of moisture that can have damages effects in time. In order to maintain the timeless effect, you can even refinish the floor once in a while if the cost is accessible to you. However, given that not all surfaces can be refinished due to the thickness of the wood, you should better care of it.